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Attendees at the Writing the Rainbow Festival, Realm Library

Finding Your Voice

“Terrific! Narrelle was really great at explaining essential elements in our own writing, and gave us lots of personal examples! Please ask her again.” ★★★★★

“Fantastic session with Narrelle. Range and quality of material covered excellent.” ★★★★★


Christine Hornby, Community Programs Librarian, Brunswick Library.


“Narrelle’s talk about her book The Opposite of Life was great – she was a vibrant and interesting speaker who takes an obvious delight in her work and has a lot of fun with it. There was a lot of interaction with the audience, with many great questions being asked. A very worthwhile event.”

Michael Marsh, Coburg Library

Growing Up Reading talk

“Narrelle gave an engaging talk here at Coburg Library about her experiences of growing up reading.  She expertly drew out members of the group  to also share their experiences of reading when they were growing up. Everyone really enjoyed it.”

Hayley Barry-Smith, Alternate Worlds, Melbourne

Writing Sex and Intimacy workshop
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“We were very privileged to have Narrelle visit our SciFi/Fantasy writing group recently and share her expertise with a Sex and Intimacy workshop. The theme is something that we, as writers, have all stumbled across quite often and we recognised a definite need to make sure we get it right.  

Narrelle was fantastic. The workshop was fun, full of conversation and we were also able to analyse and share our thoughts on some of her work within this genre, learning all the way. Narrelle’s enthusiasm and humour shone through and she shared invaluable tips and ideas for navigating different levels of intimacy between characters, as well as writing effective sex and erotica scenes.  

Altogether, the workshop was excellent and we all left feeling more confident and inspired in our ability to tackle these scenes. Very highly recommended, thank you Narrelle!

Judy Cousins, Emerald Library

Building Believable Fantasy Worlds workshop
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“Narrelle is an inspirational speaker/author who threaded a wonderful tale of discovering a way to develop believable fantasies. Her knowledge of developing her story through geography, her travels and experiences kept the audience totally captivated for over an hour with lots of interesting questions and answers at the end of the session. Definitely worthwhile for those who love writing.”

Marian Chivers, Secretary, Ballarat Writers Inc.

Building Believable Fantasy Worlds one-day workshop

“Narrelle Harris conducted a lively and engaging workshop at Ballarat in October 2012. Narrelle showed us how our created worlds should have consistency, internal logic and credibility. She emphasised that our worlds need texture and depth through using all the senses. A writing exercise after lunch considered the opening paragraph as we all worked on a new one or shared an existing piece. Narrelle handled this session positively and with great encouragement. A great day that saw us all leaving inspired to continue our writing.”

Aimee Rhodes, Melbourne Library Services

Dr Who and Building Believable Worlds
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“Narrelle is a warm and engaging workshop facilitator, and had all the participants completely spellbound for the entire time. She even adapted one of her existing workshops to fit the theme of the festival we were running it as a part of – no small feat as this required a lot of research and work on her part.

Narrelle is very generous with her time and skills,  and an absolute pleasure to work with from beginning to end. I cannot recommend her workshops highly enough!”

Leanda Elliott, Wimmera Regional Library

Growing up Reading talk + Killer Opening Sentences workshop

Narrelle Harris visited the Wimmera Regional Library during Library Week 2015 to give her “Growing up reading” talk at a number of branches and to conduct a writing workshop “Killer opening sentences”.  At all sessions her enthusiasm, professionalism and enjoyment of her subject matter were apparent to all who attended.  She easily involved her audience and kept everyone engaged. 

Comments from attenders included: “Fascinating – touched on many points that I can strongly relate to – very informative, very funny and entertaining” and “She was excellent – could listen to her again on any topic!”

Olivia Simaitis, Waurn Ponds Library

From Stoker to Stackhouse: the Vampire as Metaphor
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“In her talk at the Waurn Ponds Library, Narrelle guided us in challenging the stereotype of the Vampire and explained many of their historic and cultural variances .  Narrelle also explained and illustrated the complexities of Vampire metaphors, which included  political, social, ethnic, religious and sexual, to name but a few. 

Narrelle is an incredibly knowledgeable, articulate and energetic presenter.  That coupled with her great sense of humour made for an extremely entertaining evening.”