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Download the 2022 brochure about Narrelle’s talks and workshops.

NEW: Find Your Voice
(2-hour discussion and workshop)

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New writers are often told to ‘find their voice’ at the same time that they worry they have nothing new to say.

In this workshop, Narrelle works with attendees to understand what is meant by ‘voice’, and suggests one way of developing their own – by telling the kinds of stories that their younger selves wanted to read.

This workshop was first presented at Realm in Ringwood in 2019.

“Terrific! Narrelle was really great at explaining essential elements in our own writing, and gave us lots of personal examples! Please ask her again.” ★★★★★

“Fantastic session with Narrelle. Range and quality of material covered excellent.” ★★★★★.

 ~ Attendees at the Finding Your Voice Writing the Rainbow Festival workshop, Realm Library, September 2019

NEW: Creating Character Voices
(2 hour discussion and workshop)

What are the techniques for writing dialogue that sounds like real people? How do you make sure your characters don’t all sound exactly the same on the page? How do you suggest accents or historical settings without writing awkward or stereotypical language?  

Learn how to convey changes in tension, status and plot through giving your characters distinct personalities, expressed through prose, sentence structure, tone and vocabulary.

Participants can bring their own work to discuss and workshop with the group.

Killer Opening Sentences
(2-hour workshop)

How do you grab the reader from the first line? What are the different approaches to opening paragraphs?

In this workshop, participants compare a range of opening lines and discuss what makes a first sentence effective and engaging, discuss the different approaches and examine the difference between ‘active’ and ‘action’ as it applies to opening a story. Participants then have an opportunity to workshop their existing stories in progress or begin a new work as an exercise for discussion and feedback.

Participants should bring their own works in progress to workshop the opening of their story. If they don’t have a current WiP, keywords will be given to spark ideas for writing something.

Fantasy Writing Building Blocks
(2-hour workshop or one-day course)

This workshop leads new writers through the elements of creating a fantasy novel. Topics covered include:

  • The different sub-genres of fantasy fiction (eg medieval, urban, romance, magic, comedy)
  • Brainstorming the sparks that can inspire writing (eg a theme, a character, a chance conversation, a question)
  • The elements of building a believable fantasy world
  • How to grab the reader from the first line or paragraph
  • Workshopping attendees’ opening paragraphs for their works in progress

Writing about Sex and Intimacy
(2-hour workshop or one-day course)

NOTE: Due to the nature of this workshop, participants should be 18 years or older.

Scenes about sex and intimacy are an important tool for writers, but difficult to do well. There’s even an award for writers who get it horribly wrong – Literary Review magazine’s Bad Sex Award. How can writers know when to include scenes of sex and intimacy, and how can they strike the right balance? This workshop explores the following ideas frankly.

  • What is the difference between sex and intimacy?
  • Why can it be difficult to write these scenes well (especially if they are explicit)?
  • What are the elements of a good (or bad) sex scene?
  • How necessary are scenes of sex and intimacy to your story?

The one day version of this workshop contains more detail, the analysis of extracts, and writing sessions for attendees to apply some of the things they’ve learned to a new scene or a work in progress.


two-hour workshop is $572 (inc. GST)

3x two hour workshops can be combined to create a one-day course.

one-day workshop is  $1500 (inc. GST), which covers the six hour course and breaks.

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