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I Gave up Writing

Writing can be challenging, with some very deep downs. Today, Tamara M Bailey shares her experiences of the benefits of giving it up, and how that led to the publication of her new SF thriller, The Other Olivia. Christmas Eve, 2013, I rolled over to my partner at the time and told him I wasContinue reading “I Gave up Writing”

What does the author *really* mean?

Recent radio silence occurred while I was travelling in the US. To get us going again, here’s a post which originally appeared on my Patreon in March 2020. A few years ago, my nephew shared a language meme from The Language Nerds on Facebook: a Venn diagram of “What the Author Meant and What YourContinue reading “What does the author *really* mean?”

Don’t go off half-baked

It’s a good thing to know that, however hard you’ve worked on your manuscript, more work will be required. Your editor may find dangling plot threads, sneaky plot holes or even plot contradictions. They may find unexplained or inexplicable issues, inconsistencies in motivation or characterisation, or mistimed tempo and story beats. After you and yourContinue reading “Don’t go off half-baked”

PLR, ELR, the Copyright Agency and Australian Writers

Every now and then I speak to someone who either wants to become a writer so they can make heaps of cash; or who thinks all writers make said heaps of cash. When I’ve finished laughing and crying (in no particular order) the news must be broken that very few writers make a living outContinue reading “PLR, ELR, the Copyright Agency and Australian Writers”

3-minute advice: Radio Interviews

Greetings all – I hope you’ve had an excellent end of year break, an enjoyable Xmas if you celebrate, and some sunny days with people you love if you don’t. Because I’m taking time off between Xmas and New Year, todya’s post is short and sweet. I recently posted a video for Clan Improbable’s channelContinue reading “3-minute advice: Radio Interviews”