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Punctuation: musical notation for language

I am presently reading the delightful Semicolon by Cecelia Watson. The book has the charming sub-heading of “How a Misunderstood Punctuation Mark Can Improve Your Writing, Enrich Your Reading and Even Change Your Life”. Far from dry reading, it’s a crisp and entertaining exploration of the history of this much-maligned punctuation mark, from its originsContinue reading “Punctuation: musical notation for language”

The Secret Life of Dashes

As an editor and proofreader, I spend a lot of time hyphen-hunting. I look for hyphens lurking in places where en dashes and em dashes should live. I burrow into the empty places where a hyphen has been dispossessed of its rightful place. But what is the rightful place of a hyphen, and what theContinue reading “The Secret Life of Dashes”